Author: Stephen James

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14 Weird, Wonderful and sometimes Irritating things in New York

Having been in New York just over 5 months now, friends and family are always curious in their calls and messages about how I’m liking the experience and how it compares to life at home. The truth is, I love New York – there is just something about this city that hooks you. I come from a tiny village in the west of Ireland where it’s quiet and sleepy with green fields for miles. By contrast, New York is like a concrete jungle, filled with constant sound, bright lights and people, and there is always something happening no matter what part of it you are in. So, in terms of how it compares to home it’s like apples and oranges, but both are equally good in different ways.

Today I thought I’d share some of the weird, wonderful and sometimes mildly irritating things I’ve noticed or encountered here. So, let’s go: