Game of Thrones S8: 10 Talking Points from Episode 4

Before you start reading, this post is dark and full of spoilers!!! Close it and come back after you have seen the episode if you don’t want to see anything before watching!

You have got to hand it to the people behind Game of Thrones…they keep surprising us.

Last week, we were all on the edge of our seats expecting an all out bloodbath with the Night King and the Army of the Dead arriving at Winterfell. And while it was certainly an intense episode with some high profile deaths, it wasn’t nearly as gut wrenching as we thought.

Now with this weeks episode, the fourth of this final season, they pull the rug out from under us again. Many (me included) were expecting this episode to be a quiet affair, with the survivors at Winterfell burning their dead, taking stock and planning for the war ahead with Cersei.

Instead, our hearts were filled up with Brienne and Jamie finally getting together, and then ripped out with two heartbreaking deaths, as well as the tease of all out chaos that episode five will bring next week. Here’s this week’s talking points and predictions:

Daenerys has become the Mad Queen

It’s long been anticipated, but I think this episode finally sealed it….Daenerys has begun her decent into madness.

She pretty much has lost everything and everyone dear to her at this point: Almost her entire family, Khal Drogo, her unborn child, Ser Barriston, Viserion and now Rhaegal too (after that brutal slaying by Euron using Qyburn’s Scorpion weapon), Ser Jorah, and most recently Missandei (after that brutal beheading by the Mountain on Cersei’s orders).

Dany has Drogon left, her only dragon, but he is most definitely in danger. Her armies are depleted, her remaining advisers are losing faith in her and Jon seems to be pulling away from her now too. The only concrete thing she has left is her desire to sit on the Iron Throne, and now it seems she is prepared to destroy King’s Landing in order to take it.

Grey Worm will die fighting the Mountain

The Mountain murdered Missandei. Grey Worm loved Missandei. He is going to want revenge…BIG TIME. But while I can see him putting up a valiant effort, I don’t think he will be a match for the Mountain.

TBH, we always knew Grey Worm and Missandei were never going to have a happy ending. The moment they talked about going back to Naath and living their lives out on the beaches there in episode two, they were goners!

Glegane Vs Glegane

Grey Worm might bring the fight to the Mountain, but like I said, I think he will die doing so. The Hound on the other hand has a longstanding grudge with his brother, and we saw him head south with Arya to tie up some “unfinished business”. The long hoped for fight to the death between the pair is coming, and it will be immense.

I spoke about this in my pre season talking points, and I still think the same thing will happen…they both will die. The Hound will technically win the fight, but will sustain some mortal wound that finishes him off later as well.

Yara will kill Euron

Speaking of grudge matches, there is another one that could happen within the Greyjoy clan. As we heard from Varys this episode, Yara has reclaimed the Iron Islands in Daenery’s name. As long as Euron is alive, he will always be a treat to her as Queen there, and vice versa.

He managed to best her the last time they fought, eventually taking her hostage. But I feel like they will be on a more even footing this time around, and she could take him when she inevitably sails for King’s Landing to assist in the final war.

Jon Snow will die (again)

It might seem redundant to kill him off again, but I think the death of Rhaegal this episode points to it. I believe that the three dragons represent the lives of the last three Targaryens in the show: Viserys, Jon and Daenerys.

As we know, Viserys died back in season one at the hands of Khal Drogo and his name sake dragon Viserion was killed by the Night King. Now Rhaegal has been killed, and as we know, Jon’s real name is Rhaegar Targaryen, named after his real father, who is also Daenerys’ brother. She named this dragon after him.

I think the death of the second dragon is a foreshadowing of Jon’s second – and permanent this time – death.

Cersei is lying about the baby

Cersei is definitely not telling the truth regarding her pregnancy. Either she is not pregnant at all, or is pregnant with Jamie’s baby and tricking Euron into believing it’s his to keep him on side for as long as she needs him.

This particular plot point is hard to interpret because we know from Cersei’s prophesy that she was only supposed to have three children. Although, we do know that she had a child with Robert that died in infancy before she had Joffrey, Myrcella and Tommen, so perhaps there is a wrinkle there.

But, on the other hand, this is Cersei Lannister…the woman could literally do or say anything to hold power. So it will be interesting to see how this plays out.

Jamie will kill Cersei

We saw Jamie leave Winterfell and Brienne behind to head for King’s Landing in this episode, despite Brienne proclaiming him a good man and begging him to stay.

The scene was an interesting one, because Jaime seems to tell Brienne that he is not a good man by recounting all the terrible things he has done for Cersei.

We are supposed to think that he is going back once again to fight for her, but what if Jamie is heading to King’s Landing to murder Cersei, so as to atone for the wrongs he committed and finally be free of her before he can settle down with Brienne?

The final names on Arya’s Kill List

Of course, Jamie being the one to kill Cersei could be thwarted by Arya. After all, we saw her leave Winterfell along with the Hound to finish some business of her own in King’s Landing…in other words, tick the last three names off her kill list, which is Cersei, The Mountain and Ilyn Payne (the Royal Executioner, who took her father’s head).

To be honest, I hope that Arya doesn’t get to kill Cersei…she did just have that amazing moment in killing the Night King, so it would be better if this kill went to another character.

And the Hound is going to be the one fighting the Mountain, so I don’t think she will factor there.

But, I could definitely see her getting her revenge where Payne is concerned.

Winterfell will become the new seat of power once the war is over!

We saw in this episode yet another reason why Sansa would make a much better Queen than Daenerys…she suggested giving their armies time to rest and recuperate after the battle with the Night King before taking the fight to Cersei, which made logical sense. Daenerys didn’t listen, and she lost her most trusted adviser, a dragon and a lot of ships as a result.

Sansa has been bred for Queenhood all through the seasons, learning from everyone around her how to rule, but more importantly, how not too. Now, look who is left in Winterfell while all the others go off to war: Sansa, Brienne, Bran and Sam.

I wouldn’t be surprised if most of the others die in the battle at King’s Landing. Sansa will then be declared Queen and the throne will forever more reside in Winterfell. Brienne will command the Queen’s armies, Sam will serve as Hand of the Queen and Bran will just chip in with his Three Eyed Raven wisdom whenever they need it.

Perhaps Sansa will marry Gendry too, who is now Lord of Storm’s End and freshly rejected by Arya after he proposed marriage. After all, way back in season one, their fathers intended on doing it to unite their houses, with Sansa being betrothed to Joffrey. So, who knows…

Jon’s disrespect of Ghost

Finally, can we just take a moment to talk about Jon’s douchebag move of leaving Winterfell without saying goodbye to Ghost. The direwolf has stood loyally by his side through out the seasons, and he couldn’t even give him a pat on the head as a goodbye! What a Gobshite!


What did you make of episode four? Are you excited for episode five? What do you think is going to go down? Let me know below!






3 thoughts on “Game of Thrones S8: 10 Talking Points from Episode 4

  1. Haha love gobshite!! It’s not used enough anymore 🙂 Totally agree though, Jon was a dick, Ghost has been by his side for so many years and through so many battles, and he couldn’t even say goodbye!!
    Great write up as usual. This episode was so understated compared to last week but you can tell they are just building up again to something awesome. Can’t believe there’s only two episodes left.

    Liked by 1 person

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