The Walking Dead is about to air its most shocking episode yet!

If you’ve stuck with AMC’s The Walking Dead, you’ll know that season 9 of the hit series has really taken a turn for the better, after the awful eighth season resulted in many deciding to switch off!

But since new show runner Angela Kang has taken the reins, changes have been made that have greatly improved the show. Many were outraged at the news that series stalwarts Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and Maggie Rhee (Lauren Cohen) were leaving, but in my opinion, their exits have really given the show a breath of fresh air and allowed some of the other characters that were often shoved into the background a chance to develop!

Season 9 has introduced The Whisperers, a terrifying group who wear masks made from the skin of the dead and believe that assimilating with the zombie hordes are the best way to survive. Samantha Morton’s performance as the groups leader Alpha has been chilling, quickly making her one of the most frightening villains the show has ever had.

And now, episode 15 (the penultimate episode this season, airing tonight in America and tomorrow on this side of the world) is set to be the most explosive in the shows history…even more than the controversial (and gruesome) deaths of the characters Glenn and Abraham in series 7 premiere!

If you’d rather go into the latest episode fresh and spoiler free, STOP READING NOW! If you have read the comics, or don’t mind a few spoilers, read on!


In issue 144 of the Walking Dead comics, Alpha infiltrates the fair that is taking place between the four communities, The Kingdom, The Hilltop, Alexandria and Oceanside. This fair has been teased all season long and comes to ahead in the latest episode of the show.

Alpha kidnaps and murders 12 characters at random, a mixture from all four communities. As a warning, she decapitates each person and sticks their heads on a row of spikes that she intends to act as a border between her people and the communities. If they they don’t heed the warning, and cross the border into her lands again, she promises more bloodshed.

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The moment was a shocking one, because it showed how far Alpha is willing to go to protect her way of life, and because the 12 murdered characters included two much loved characters at the time…Rosita and Ezekiel!

Naturally, speculation online has turned to who could be heading for a pike death this weekend, with almost every character being listed at some point across thousands of posts. And it also is unconfirmed, but rumours appear to point to only ten victims being used for the show as opposed to the original twelve.


Below I list my predictions for who I think will be killed off in this most shocking way, and two rumours I’ve heard that I hope aren’t true:

Ezekiel – King Ezekiel is a definite for me. He was the the final death to be revealed in the comic, and the biggest. In the show, he is married to Carol, so his death is sure to enrage her, and badass Carol is always compelling to watch.

Tara – The second big death in the comics went to Rosita, but I could see them going with Tara for the show. The reason I think this is because Tara should really be the leader of the Hilltop after Jesus died, but when Alpha came to the gates looking for her daughter, she along with everyone else looked to Daryl for an answer as to what they should do. Killing Tara will be a shock and open the door to Daryl becoming a leader at Hilltop.

Gabriel – I think there will be a third really big death, so that Hilltop, Alexandria and Kingdom all lose a prominent character. Gabriel is currently part of the love square along with Rosita, Siddiq and Eugene. I think killing him will devastated Rosita, but means they could streamline that story by having her and Siddiq raise the baby alone.

Enid – While technically a main character, Enid doesn’t register as much as the three above do. Aside from that, she and Siddiq are the only two medical practitioners on the show at the minute, meaning losing one of them at one point is almost a certainty. Add to that the rumour floating around online that Enid’s actress, Katelyn Nacon, has moved away from Georgia where the show is filmed, and it looks to be all pointing to a pike death for her.

Tammy Rose – Apart from the fact that the actress who plays her accidentally revealed her death in a now deleted Instagram post, Tammy Rose was marked for death earlier this season when her and husband Earl decided to adopt a baby that had been abandoned by the Whisperers. This is after they lost their only son even earlier in the series. Earl didn’t seem too keen on taking in a new child, but seeing how in love with the kid Tammy Rose was convinced him. Which will make her death all the more harrowing,  when he is left holding the baby alone.

Luke – One of the members of the new group of survivors introduced this season that were taken in by Hilltop. In an earlier episode, he was taken hostage along with Alden to be traded by Alpha in exchange for Lydia. His comic equivalent was killed by Alpha and mounted on a pike, and I expect the same will happen here too.

Kelly – I think a second character from that group will also bite the dust. Kelly is the sister of Connie, the deaf character who has had a lot of exposure this season. I think Kelly will die and we will see Connie being comforted by Daryl (they hinted at there possibly being something between them in episode 12 when they went looking for Henry and Lydia), leading into a relationship between the two in season ten.

Addy – She is one of the teens introduced at Hilltop this season who befriends Henry, and we haven’t seen much of her, but I think they have shown us enough to make her death a shock, if not particularly meaningful.

DJ – One of the reformed Saviours who is now loyal to Michonne at Alexandria. Again, not a huge loss, but recognisable enough to shock.

Ozzy – Only recently introduced, the death of the leader of the Highway Men will lead to that group becoming more involved with the communities in the next season, as they go to war with the Whisperers.


I’ve also heard two rumours that I’m hoping won’t happening: Rosita and Henry!

Rosita – Given the fact that she dies at this point in the comics, is a focal point of a love square and has recently announced her pregnancy, LOTS of people online think Rosita is a goner. I really hope they don’t go this route, as the Rosita from the show is a much better character than the one from the comic, and Christian Serratos is great at portraying her. I think there is more to come from her if given the chance, and I’d like to think that they are deliberately painting the target on her back just so it will be a shock when somebody else gets her place on a pike.

Henry – I’ve heard a lot of people online saying that they think it will be Henry who kicks the bucket. And if you had asked me this earlier in the series, I probably wouldn’t have cared. But he has really grown on me throughout this season. Aside from that, Henry has now taken over Carl’s place in the story, so I don’t think they could kill him yet, as there is more to come with Lydia. And as I am certain that Henry’s adopted father Ezekiel is going, I can’t see them doing it to Carol. Having both her husband and son killed in such a brutal manner would seem like overkill…literally! But then again, who knows what direction they will take.


What are your thoughts? Who do you think will be killed off in this iconic Walking Dead moment? Let me know below!


6 thoughts on “The Walking Dead is about to air its most shocking episode yet!

    1. I struggled through 8, it was the first time the show felt like a chore to watch. Loving this season though! I think Carol is going to be devastated, but angry…she will shave her head again and go for Alpha! ✌🏻


    1. Amazing episode! Surprisingly, I was most saddened by Henry! I wasn’t a fan of the character when he was introduced but he really grew on me this season. And there was a good chemistry with Lydia, pity we won’t see where that goes! But, we will get more Carol on the warpath, which is always a win!!

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