16 Memorable Quotes from The Passage Trilogy

Recently, I finished reading the Passage Trilogy and watching the TV adaptation of it on Fox. If you are unfamiliar with the series, here is a brief rundown without giving too much away:

In the present time, scientists in America discover a virus that they believe could lead to the cure for all disease, as well as potentially be used to greatly enhance their defence forces. Twelve death row prisoners are given lesser sentences in exchange for becoming test subjects at a secret government facility. The virus ultimately transforms them into bloodthirsty monsters, but believing they are close to creating the cure they are looking for, the scientists decide to administer the virus to a child. One who’s mother has recently died and as she has no other family, they know nobody will come looking for her.

The twelve virals eventually break out of the facility and proceed to lay waste to America and the wider world, infecting those they do not devour! The narrative later jumps forward hundreds of years into the future, where we encounter a group of characters desperately fighting to stay alive! And I will leave it there, so that you can discover what happens yourself!

I’m a big fan of this series, as you will undoubtedly have learned over the last few months if you’ve been following me on here, or on social media. It’s a superbly written story from author Justin Cronin, and the closing pages of the last instalment, The City of Mirrors has one of the most emotional conclusions to a series I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading!

The series is filled with memorable characters and sharp, descriptive writing. So I thought I’d share just some of the many great quotes from across the three books with you in this post:


“It happened fast. Thirty-two minutes for one world to die, another to be born.” – The Passage

“From small mistakes come great catastrophes.” – The City of Mirrors

“Because that’s what heaven is…it’s opening the door of a house in twilight and everyone you love is there.” – The Twelve

“A lot of life, Michael had learned, came down to trying to fix things that weren’t fixable.” – The City of Mirrors

“Consider the species known as man. We lie, we cheat, we want what others have and take it; we make war upon each other and the earth; we harvest lives in multitudes. We have mortgaged the planet and spent the cash on trifles. We may have loved, but never well enough. We never truly knew ourselves. We forgot the world; now it has forgotten us.” – The City of Mirrors

“He said books were more interesting than people.” – The Passage

“Since our first, furry ancestor scraped flint on stone and banished night with fire, we have climbed heavenward on a ladder made of our own arrogance.” – The City of Mirrors

“How stark everything became, at the end, all the wishes for one’s children distilled by the world’s swift cruelty into the desperate hope that death would take them fast.” – The Twelve

“Grief was a place, Sara understood, where a person went alone. It was like a room without doors, and what happened in that room, all the anger and the pain you felt, was meant to stay there, nobody’s business but yours.” – The Passage

“We made war on the planet, and the planet fought back.” – The City of Mirrors

“The story was never the the story, and it surprised you, how much another person could carry.” – The Twelve

“Doubt is human nature. It’s what we do with it that matters.” – The City of Mirrors

“Perhaps the greatest worry of all was that one day you would realise that all the worries of your life amounted to one thing: the desire to just stop worrying.” – The Passage

“Too many what-ifs are just a way to keep yourself up at night, and there’s not enough decent sleep to go around.” – The Twelve

“It has been said that in ancient times there was only one gender; in that blissful state, humankind existed until, as punishment, the gods divided each of us in two, a cruel mitosis that sent each half forever spinning across the earth in search of its mate, so that it could be whole again.” – The City of Mirrors

“How wonderful, to be read to. To be carried from this world and into another, borne away on words.” – The City of Mirrors


If this post inspires you to pick these books up, and to watch the series on FOX, I hope you love it as much as I do! If you’ve read the series, which book was your favourite? What moment stood out to you the most? Who is your favourite character? Fee free to let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear it!






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