That Game of Thrones Season 8 Tease!

You’ve got to hand it to HBO…they know how to give you just enough to whet the appetite and spark a conversation.

During the Golden Globes ceremony on Sunday night, they shared a commercial of all the programming they have coming in 2019, and there is definitely a lot to look forward to in there. But, not surprisingly, the first bit of footage from the final season of Game of Thrones has got people talking…despite it only being 5 seconds long!

Take a look below if you haven’t seen it (the GOT clip starts at 0:38) and then read on for more:

Well, what do we make of that? One of the exciting things about this coming final season is the potential for characters who have been prominent throughout the series’ run, but who have never met, to finally cross paths. This tiny slice of footage appears to show a big one…the moment Daenerys Targaryen and Sansa Stark finally meet each other.

HBO are being so clever with this first look at the new series, because they know that fans are champing at the bit for some new footage ahead of the premiere in April. And although they have chosen such a short piece to showcase, there is a lot to mull over with it!

In the clip, we see Daenerys supposedly arriving at Winterfell, with John Snow, Jorah Mormont and her army in tow! The only dialogue in the clip is Sansa saying “Winterfell is yours, your grace”.

As we know from the little bit of news about the upcoming season, it “opens at Winterfell with an episode that contains plenty of callbacks to the show’s pilot. Instead of King Robert’s procession arriving, it’s Daenerys and her army.” In the pilot, Ned Stark referred to Robert as “Your Grace” when he arrived at Winterfell, however it was said with a lot more warmth than Sansa does in the clip above. Granted, Robert and Ned had been friends for years whereas Daenerys and Sansa are meeting for the first time.

Across the seasons, Sansa has survived torture at the hands of the Lannisters, the brutal murder of members of her family, married off against her will, used as a political pawn by everyone around her, and being beaten and raped by Ramsey Bolton. Last season saw her finally return to her home in Winterfell, and enjoy wielding some power for a change. Few characters on the show have experienced such prolonged hardship as Sansa, enduring each in order to finally win back her home, so would she really just give it up so easily to Daenerys? I’m inclined to think no, but what’s going on here? Here’s some thoughts on what is happening in this clip:

1) Firstly, Sansa could simply be offering the hospitality of Winterfell as Daenerys arrives, in a show of respect and unity. “Winterfell is yours…” could mean she is welcome there and will receive anything she needs during her stay.

2) Or, maybe Sansa is simply pledging the forces of the North for Daenerys to add to her army in the coming battle against the undead, with the understanding that she will still rule in Winterfell after the war is won.

3) More likely, Sansa is super pissed that Jon has bent the knee to Daenerys and given her Winterfell in the process, but with the threat of an undead army approaching, she grudgingly goes along with it.

4) Even more likely, given that this is Game of Thrones and there is often an ulterior motive behind everything, Sansa finds out that Jon is a Targaryen (from Bran I’m thinking), and knowing the lords of the North will stand behind her as Lady of Winterfell, she appears to hand over her home to Daenerys, with no real intention of doing so.

5) Or, what if this is the scene in which Jon finally finds out who he is? Perhaps Sansa has learned the news (again from Bran) that Jon is actually Aegon Targaryen and therefore has a higher claim to the throne than Daenerys, and decides to acknowledge him as King (imagine: Your Grace…King Aegon).

What do you think?

Well, we are only a few short months away from the start of the last season, so not long to wait now!

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